PLDC Steering Committee Chair
Mr. Joachim Ritter
Marienfelder Str. 18
33330 Guetersloh

Phone: +49 5241 307 26 0

PLDC 2011 attendee's package

At PLDC 2011, every attendee received a package with the following items.


PLDC 2011 Natural Ambience DVD

The DVD comprises a selection of short films about nature and how light shapes our environment. The DVD also includes a filmed sequence of an open fire – a reminder that we still need nature and natural light to survive. All of the films are around 30 minutes long and were compiled expressly for this event.

Videotrailer PLDC 2011 DVD

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Conference programme

Every attendee received a conference programme with an overview of the schedule for each day plus brief information about the papers and speakers.

Convention Proceedings

The Proceedings contained all 70 papers presented at PLDC 2011 on a total of 204 pages. A must-have for any lighting enthusiast!

These items from the attendee’s package for PLDC 2011 are still available and can be ordered here.

An attractive notebook in matching dark blue with the Madrid skyline motif and the ¡vamos! slogan on the cover completed the package.